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What is Oddnomalies?

Oddnomalies is a small doll business with a goal of making people happier through art.

Established mid-2022 by artist Kailyn Carr, Oddnomalies strives to create one of a kind art dolls, that serve not only as unique collectables, but also as life-like companions.

Meet the employees:


Local Austin Artist and Art Teacher.

Kailyn designs, models, prints, sands, paints, assembles, and packages all art dolls and kits.

 Local Austin cat model and doll hobbyist.

Bippy bookkeeps and does taxes.


How can I buy a doll?

I sell my dolls both in-person at conventions, and online through Etsy via scheduled In-Stock shop updatesMy next Etsy shop update is TBA.  
How much do the dolls cost?

Prices depend on the type, size, and complexity of the doll. My most common prices are between $150 and $500 USD.
Do you take pre-orders?

Right now, no. All my dolls are offered as in-stock sales only. In the future however, pre-orders may be offered (no promises).
Can I order a custom doll?
Customs are not offered at the moment. If pre-orders are ever offered, then customs might be avai
lable with pre-orders (no promises).
What are doll Garage Kits?

Doll Garage Kits are unsanded, unpainted, and unassembled DIY versions of my dolls. They are offered at a MUCH cheaper price than my completed artist dolls, and allow for a fully customizable doll experience!  

Still have questions?

If you couldn't find what you are looking for, send me a message! Please note, my response is slow during the school year. Please do not ask for dolls or customs if none are available. Thanks!
Thanks for reaching out!
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