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Hello! My name is KAILYN CARR. I'm glad you're here!
What is Oddnomalies?

Oddnomalies is the name I chose to call my art doll creations. It's also the name of my small business, and an avenue through which I can share and sell my art.

Founded in June 2022.

Nothing makes me happier than making art... and I hope my art makes other people happy too!

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art, from the University of Texas at Austin. I was a member of the Longhorn Band for four years as a proud Trumpet player. I studied mainly drawing, 3d modeling, animation, and digital fabrication. It was through these things that I found my love for making dolls! I graduated spring of 2020 (yikes). 


Currently, I'm working as an art teacher at Art+Academy in Austin. I teach all ages, with a focus in Painting and Drawing. I've had several art jobs; from freelance illustration and animation, to working in a Digital Fabrication lab; but teaching so far has been my favorite!


Though making dolls is not my main job right now, it's a huge part of my day to day life, and something I really enjoy doing! 

Art Portfolio

I've been trained in digital and traditional art, so my older art is very diverse. I've made a ton of artwork in the past... charcoal, oil, printmaking, portraits, comics, animations... the list goes on.  For the most part, my older work is no longer public, since I'm shifting my focus to Oddnomalies now. You can still see remnants of my older artwork on social media, youtube, etc.

Thanks for your interest!
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