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What is Oddnomalies?

Oddnomalies is a small doll business with a goal of making people happier through art.

Established mid-2022 by artist Kailyn Carr, Oddnomalies strives to create one of a kind art dolls, that serve not only as unique collectibles, but also as life-like companions. Oddnomalies are uncommon and slightly "odd" creatures. From robots, to puppets, to... who knows what else! Each doll is handcrafted by artist Kailyn Carr, and truly a labor of love.   

Learn more about me:

Watch my interview on YouTube, or read more about me in the March 2024 issue of DOLLS Magazine


Meet the employees:

Kailyn Carr


Local Austin Artist

Kailyn started out as an illustrator and animator, earning a Fine Arts degree in Studio Art from the University of Texas at Austin.

She got into doll making her senior year of college, and hasn't stopped since

Kailyn Carr's Cat


Local Austin cat

Bippy was born on a farm in rural Texas. His greatest passion in life is taking naps, and smelling the great outdoors. 

He's a good boy

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