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How can I buy a doll?

1. In person at conventions.

2. During Instagram Lottery sales.

3. Through my Etsy Store.

What are doll Garage Kits?


3D resin printed, unfinished versions of my dolls, sold in my Etsy Store. They are not sanded, painted, or assembled. Comes with everything you need to complete the doll, except paint. Prices are around half compared to finished art dolls, and allow for a fully customizable doll experience!  

How much do dolls cost?

Prices depend on the individual doll.


Estimated Current Prices:

Mini pet/ small dolls- $25-$100

1/12th scale BJDs- $200-$350

1/8th scale BJDs- $400-$500

1/6th scale BJDs- $800-$900

Can I order a custom doll?
No. Right now, I only sell in-stock dolls. If I ever decide to offer pre-orders in the future, then customs might be avai
lable (but no promises).

How can I keep updated?


1. Follow me on Instagram.

2. Join the Facebook group.

3. Check out my 'News' page.

Do you take pre-orders?

No. I do not take pre-orders. All my dolls are offered as in-stock sales only. This could change in the future (but no promises).

Still have questions?

The best way to reach me is here, or on Etsy. Please do not request dolls or customs if none are advertised as available. Thanks!

Thanks for reaching out!
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